Woodford Underground

24 December 2014 | 


Peter started putting up old work in the tunnel underneath our local railway station a few months ago. Each drawing is labelled with the subject and webpage along with a little note saying “TAKE ME HOME” and they disappear really quickly.

Why give work away?

Well, the (...)

Charcoal Managment 101

18 April 2013 | 


Someone has asked for some advice on how to tackle a still life assignment. Since this is my first ever attempt at telling, and showing, someone how to do anything even vaguely artistic, I hope you'll have patience with me. Be aware that I have no training (...)

Drawing Sticks

28 February 2013 | 


Faber Castell are my favourite pastel sticks, just the right semi-hard consistency. Can be used for light delicate shading, or bold rich colours. Very controllable, but getting harder to find; they seem to be cutting back on their colour range. The Contés are very hard, and are good for (...)

Random Family Photo

08 May 2009 | 


Tidying up loose ends on the ever evolving webpage situation, here is a photo from around 2009 of our family.