How the Art Drop 2017 went

09 September 2017

It was an exceptionally windy day last Tuesday. Peter battled against the elements to tape up drawings around the bollards of Katoomba St.


Last time he utilised different places, including the handrails in the courtyard where the library used to be, but has been warned that this is risky. On the one hand, the drawings aren't made to be left there - and in practice they don't last long. On the other hand, a fine for whatever the authorities would call it would really bite into my promotional budget.


So, Tuesday only saw about a dozen pieces go up out of over fifty set aside. A reconnaissance mission took place today, bringing in reinforcements, to complete the art drop and even approach businesses about whether they would like to feature a piece in their window for people to pick up.


Poulet's chicken shop had wall space for a Bugatti, Ricky Ponting and Marilyn Monroe.


We finished off by leaving a Picasso at Big Beet.


Thank you to everyone who helped in this endeavour! There are still 12 drawings left to distribute - maybe four for each bollard next time I'm in Katoomba.