pb-tripodPeter Brandt likes drawing, but doesn't like the title of Artist, which makes writing blurbs one little bit more interesting. Artist sounds either too serious, or too avant-garde.

He lives in the Blue Mountains with his wife, six kids, cat and two budgies. You might catch some wild parrots staring expectantly as he has been known to put out wild bird seed mix, though he tries to discourage cockatoos as they are rather loutish birds.

Although he draws many portraits of Björk, he doesn't listen to her music that much. He does listen to some Arvo Pärt, Pat Metheny, Bryan Ferry, They Might Be Giants, Bach, Mopsy Beans, De Phazz and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Peter Brandt
Blue Mountains, NSW
Phone: 0406 285 301

Here follows a form designed for suggesting or commissioning a portrait: