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Tenebrae Hearse

31 March 2019


Tenebrae is the Latin word for Darkness. It describes the night time prayers from the old Catholic Divine Office during Holy Week. There is a custom to light fifteen candles, then extinguish each one as each section of the prayers is finished.

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27 January 2019

Peter draws as something of a therapeutic hobby. He regular earmarks interesting images to draw, without much rhyme or reason.

We have hundreds of works stacked on shelves in Peter’s studio (a converted garage). The question is, how to present them in such a way that they can be browsed and maybe even purchased.

One step along the way is a new website: AvalonPrand.com – a photo gallery type website which has only the work

A new beginning

04 December 2018

With changes at tumblr, it seems a chance to try a new system for maintaining something of an online portfolio.

ZenPhoto seems like a possible helpful thing, so here we go!

It's not exactly the most user-friendly system, but it has a lot of potential, just a fair bit of learning along the way.

Well, if I can manage to make the Print Etsy Inventory then surely I can get ZenPhoto up and running.

Pastel Portraits of a Train Station

25 June 2018


Woodford Station - favourite stop for cyclists attempting the 27km downhill bush ride known as the Oak's Fire Trail. Home of Elvis the Rooster in the early years of this century. Also the place where I sometimes clear my archives by hanging old work on

For the love of Musical Instruments

22 June 2018


Musical instruments are pretty special.

If you've ever had a go at blowing raspberries through a trumpet, buzzing into a clarinet or sawing away at a violin, you'll know there's an amazing amount of work


11 May 2018


Pocket sized art for carrying greetings or adorning a tiny space. $2 each.

This album should have all the postcards that we have here in stock.

More postcards are available through redbubble.

A View of Assisi

14 December 2017


Here is the photo supplied by a gentleman who has many stories to tell about Italy.


If you would like something

Drawing Thai Royalty

13 December 2017

I have a patron in Thailand who asked me to draw King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit from a few different photos. It might give you a good idea of what I can do.


Once Upon a Record

27 November 2017


One of the highlights of this year has been working with Geoff Weule on a cover for his autobiography. His surname is pronounced “Wye-lee” – there’s a story behind it but that’s not the most interesting part of this multi-faceted gentleman.

The book cover

How the Art Drop 2017 went

09 September 2017

It was an exceptionally windy day last Tuesday. Peter battled against the elements to tape up drawings around the bollards of Katoomba St.


Last time he utilised different places, including the handrails in the courtyard where the library used